Square Dance
Archival Inkjet on Epson Hot Press Bright Paper
13 x 13 inches

Edition of 5 with one Artist Proof

Acrylic, Latex, Gouache, Watercolor, Pencil Shavings, Colored Pencil and Stitching on Paper
9 x 10.5 inches

Anne Sherwood Pundyk’s Solo Exhibition

“Reading Readiness” originally scheduled to May 4 is now postponed, Cutchogue, NY

Cutchogue New Suffolk Library to show artwork inspired by the creative writing process

Cutchogue, NY (April 1, 2020) The CNS Library is pleased to present “Reading Readiness,” a solo exhibition of recent works on paper by artist and writer Anne Sherwood Pundyk.

The location of this exhibition in a library is especially appropriate. The title, “Reading Readiness” refers to the different ways of preparing to learn to read. The artwork Pundyk has assembled for the exhibition presents a case for the value of decoding, interpreting and comprehending emotions, which are important tools for making sense of one’s life experiences.

Pundyk’s enterprises in writing, painting and photography for the show are intertwined, culminating in a book of short stories and artwork, Zombie Sisters. Copies of the book’s manuscript are available in the gallery. “I retrieve my own essential stories by recording moments of recognition — both in writing and with images,” observes Pundyk. “I find they overlap with older stores such as myths, fables and fairy tales.”

Pundyk’s practice of bridging disciplines is documented in a video profile, “People Making Cool Things” by videographer Molly Mary O’Brien. This video is showing in the gallery alongside a second short animation about Pundyk’s photographs, “Paint Box.”

About the artwork: The eight abstract paintings on paper are composed of acrobatic stains, blots and rivulets in pure tones of indigo blue. The coastlines and condensations of paint are accented with warm flashes of yellow, orange and red. The artist selects passages of free-form painted shapes, then cuts and recombines them by stitching the panels of paper together with a sewing machine.

Each of the 15 photographs features the image of a handwritten Moleskin journal placed in the center of the print. The open pages of the book are framed by two consecutive borders, as if zooming out, using a progression of digital manipulations. The nested images are presented against a woven geometric surface alternately red, yellow, orange, green or black photographed under shifting, imperfect, natural light conditions.

About Zombie Sisters: Zombie Sisters is a book of short stories paired with stitched paintings on paper. Pundyk wrote the stories and made the paintings over the last three years in the aftermath of a sibling’s traumatic injury. Art critic Seph Rodney describes the work as “spare, haunting and poetic.” An excerpt of Zombie Sisters is recently published in fine art journal The Hoosac Institute.

About the Artist: Anne Sherwood Pundyk lives and works in Manhattan and in Mattituck, NY. Her first art mentor was her grandmother, Mary Sherwood Wright Jones, who illustrated a pioneering publication for young readers called My Weekly Reader each week for over 30 years. (annepundyk.com @annepundyk)

Exhibition details:

“Anne Sherwood Pundyk: Reading Readiness”

May 4 to June 29, 2020 - now postponed

Reception and Artists Talk, Friday, June 12, 2020, 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm - now postponed

Upstairs Gallery, Cutchogue New Suffolk Library

27550 Main Road

Cutchogue, NY 11935


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