“My Atlas: Persephone Underground/Change My Mind”
Single-channel video (color, sound), 4:23 min.

One spring day Persephone was playing in a field of wildflowers. Suddenly, she was unwillingly dragged underground to live as bride to Hades, Queen of the Underworld. Her mother, Demeter, was so angry and upset that she put a scourge upon the earth so that nothing would grow. Eventually, Zeus negotiated Persephone’s return to her mother. But, since Persephone had eaten three pomegranate seeds from Hades’ garden she had to return to him for three months of each year. During which time, Demeter brings winter. Thus the four seasons were created.


But, Persephone could have just wanted a little freedom to explore on her own.

And the story about the abduction was a necessary cover, which is understandable given what we know of her mother’s reaction.

So did it all happen as Persephone said: the kidnapping, the marriage to Hades in the underworld, the three pomegranate seeds?

Eventually she got word to her mother that she was ok.

But in the meantime Persephone did become queen of the land she had discovered, even if it was buried deep within her and no one else but she could see it.

This alternate telling of the Greek myth of Persephone is combined with footage of the New York City subway and source images and stop action shots of the painting, “Change My Mind.” The audio includes the song, “La Mouch,” sung my Yasmine Hamdan, from her album, “Ya Nass.”