My Atlas: Moon Water
Single-channel video (color, sound), 3:20 min.

The introduction of live action footage and sound to the stop-action technique used previously in "My Atlas: Sharpshooter" situates for, the audience of "My Atlas: Moon Water," the world just beyond the artist's studio. A narrative may be strung from the images used to make the painting, "Moon Water" in this video: a newborn's head, a young mother from an advertisement, a woman from the 1800's undressing, and landscape images from Long Island and upstate New York. The sources images, and their rendering in paint, retain the possibility of universality, while the personal musings revealed in scrolling text blocks anchor them in the specifics of my autobiography.

Exhibited, "The Art of Captivity, Part One," Fordham University, New York, NY, Fall 2010. ("My Atlas: Moon Water" video shown on 10" monitor in gallery with "Moon Water" painting.)